Geotechnical Drilling

What is Geotechnical Drilling?
Geotechnical is a method of drilling that is usually performed for some kind of structure planning to be built. It also requires soil and/or rock samples to be tested by a lab to check for the stability of that development.
RD-n-P Drilling, Inc. has provided several clients with geotechnical borings throughout the Mid-West. We have had the pleasure of working with some of the finest engineering firms in the area. Drilling techniques for Geotechnical include; auger, mud rotary, air rotary, and rock coring.

Our company strives to make our clients' job easier. For example, RD-n-P Drilling crews can perform site clearing of wooded areas, hole lay out, write boring logs, jar samples, and deliver or mail samples for our clients needs.

Some of the Geotechnical work that we have performed has been for:

  • Foundation design borings
  • Caisson corings
  • Road, Subdivision, and Bridge borings
  • Sport Facilities borings
  • Restaurants
  • Malls

RD-n-P Drilling offers a wide variety of drilling rigs to suit your need.

All Terrain Equipment
Our all terrain geotechnical equipment includes:
• Diedrich D-50 Turbo Track (remote control)
• Diedrich D-50 Track (Kubota carrier)
• Acker Soil Max Track with angle capabilities (Morooka carrier)

• D-120 Track (Yanmar carrier)

Truck Mounted Rigs and Water Trucks
Our truck mounted geotechnical equipment includes:

  • 2 Diedrich D-120’s
  • Versa Drill 1555 for geothermal
  • Mobile B-4300 with angle capabilities
  • International 6x4 watertruck (1850 gallons)
  • International watertruck with stainless steel tank (1500 gallons)
  • Mack watertruck (1100 gallons)

All of our ATV and Truck Mounts are considered combo rigs with dual tube geoprobe systems.

Our office staff is available and eager to help you choose the best equipment and personnel for your specific project needs. Just give us a call to discuss ways we can make your job easier!

Utility Clearance - Safety 1st!!
We depend on our clients to provide us with accurate information to do a thorough utility check. For us to call in utility locates please click link below and fill in necessary information.

JULIE (IL One Call Center) 800-892-0123
Digger (City of Chicago) 312-744-7000
Holey Moley (IN Dig One Call Center) 800-382-5544

Geotechnical Drilling Capabilities


  • Overburden Drilling-H.S.A. 2 ¼, 3 ¼, 4 ¼, 6 ¼, 8 ¼, 12 ¼
  • Mud Rotary Drilling – 2 ⅞– 13 ⅞
  • Air Rotary Drilling - 2 ⅞– 13 ⅞
  • Air Hammer (5”)
  • Deep Rock Coring (NX) (HQ)
  • Triple Tube Coring
  • Inclinometer Installation
  • Direct Push
  • Piezometer Installation
  • 4” Casing Advancer Sampling Equipment
  • Grout Curtains
  • 2.0” and 3.0” Split Spoon Samples
  • 5’ Continuous Sampler
  • Piston Sampler
  • 2.0” and 3.0” Shelby Tubes
  • Water Pressure Testing